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“Did your business send out holiday cards this year?” Well, your competitors may have, totaling approximately 150 million winter holiday cards sent annually by U.S. businesses.  At BizComm Ally, with support from Hallmark Business Connections and the Greeting Card Association, we discovered a wealth of compelling insights into the world of greeting cards.

The Strategic Role of Greeting Cards in Business

Our research reveals that approximately one-third of U.S. small businesses utilize greeting cards to enhance customer relationships, with an overwhelming 87% favoring physical cards. This choice underscores the lasting impact of a tangible, personal touch in our digital age.

Even better, those tangible approaches can have a MUCH higher ROI than digital approaches.

Understanding the Hesitancy

Some businesses, however, are hesitant to adopt this strategy. Key concerns include time investment, cost, and doubts about their effectiveness. But creative solutions exist, like loyalty discounts on bulk orders that could ease cost concerns. Streamlined integration of card design tools with CRMs could likewise address unwieldy process inefficiencies while reaping the benefits of relationship marketing.

QR Codes: A Modern Twist to Traditional Greetings

At BizComm Ally, we keep all of our options on the table when advising clients. One option we suggest to clients wanting to integrate more AI and digital efforts is to add a QR code to your seasonal cards. This innovative approach bridges traditional and digital mediums, allowing for interactive content, direct links to offers, or personalized messages, thereby enhancing customer engagement and providing measurable results.

The Messages That Resonate

Strategic word choice can be tricky, so our research delved into what’s typically in a business greeting card in today’s pluralistic age. “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas” emerge as the top choices for businesses, chosen for their broad appeal and authenticity. Because even “Christmas” can mean so many different things to customers, we always suggest gauging your customer base carefully to know what positive, inclusive, and genuine language will resonate best in your case.

Conclusion: Revitalizing Traditional Methods in a Digital World

At the heart of this customer communication channel remain meaningful goodwill exchanges cemented through caring gestures. The research confirms it – relationship building outpaces all other rationales businesses cite behind their annual greeting card programs.

In B2C or B2B realms alike, greeting cards sustain a simple yet personalized way businesses demonstrate affinity and gratitude towards those they serve. Their staying power persists.

To explore all the insights from our groundbreaking research, download the full report HERE.

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